Why you should use a VPS for your websites

Today you can find a variety of types of web hosting, including a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It will give you a variety of advantages and features that you will not have on a shared web hosting. Your personal server If you are looking for a server in the cloud to improve your workflow, or […]

How to choose a good domain name for your business

Here are some tips on how to choose a good domain name for your business. 1. Most Important:  Your domain should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. 2. Avoid this: Avoid making your domain too much the same as other domains, nor violating other trademarks 3. The “.com” domain […]

The Advantages of Shared Hosting

Before deciding whether or not to use a shared hosting to get your website, it is essential to understand the advantages you may have to use a web hosting of this type. This allows you to decide if this is the right accommodation option for you to host your website or blog. The shared hosting […]

Affordable Web hosting Services

There are many web hosting options available nowadays: free web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, and the list goes on. All these options serve the same purpose, which is hosting your content so that it can be accessed and viewed by people on the Internet. The major difference is how each is structured as well […]

Benefits of Reseller Hosting

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Prior to going over the advantages of reseller hosting, it’s required to understand exactly what reseller hosting is. Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where you, the account owner can split up your allotted bandwidth and hard drive space and resell hosting yourself. Basically it acts as the middleman between […]